Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Welcome to our new blog page. Who knew that a spur of the moment birthday gift could so quickly consume our lives. We started with a 55 gallon aquarium and 14 Lake Malawi Afican Cichlids and our lives have forever changed. We want to share our experiences with others who have an interest in African Cichlids.

We had been talking about getting an aquarium for awhile. At the time, we knew some about African Cichlids. We were aware of the fact that they are an agressive fish but knew very little about the many different species, how they breed, etc. After our initial purchase of fish, we began our internet research to find out as much as we could. We started by attempting to identify which species we had purchased and then determining whether we had males or females. In the beginning we had a few that died. So we immediately did more research to learn about the different causes of death in fish and the various treatment methods. We have not stopped learning and researching.

We soon found ourselves aquiring more and more fish. We've bought some at local pet stores and even got brave and bought some online. We were amazed by the many sites willing to sell and ship live tropical fish. We were so worried that the fish would be dead when we got them but they were all alive and well. Check out the links on this blog for our favorite online sellers.

More of our experiences to come...